About Us

As an emerging Engineering Company, Astute envisions serving federal, state and municipal clients for developing and executing smart & innovative electrical engineering designs and solutions for their electrical power systems.

Astute has the capaibility to deliver projects on-time, even when working with aggressive schedules. This ability is due in-part to the structure and resources of our organization as well as the depth of experience developed over many years of handling quality engineering projects.

On-time delieveries, high quality & low-cost designs are the hallmark of Astute.

Our involvement, commitment, dedication, creativity and insight evolve comprehensive designs that simplify construction and installation efforts. Through our construciton period services, including careful scrutinty, complete testing and thorough inspection of equipment & installations, we ensure accomplishing projects within the allocated time and budget.

Astute brings deep-rooted knowledge of product and processes backed by solid experience in providing entire array of high quality electrical engineering services at low cost to their clients. With variety of services included in their portfolio, Astute confidently promises to provide a true one-stop shopping experience in Electrical Engineering.

We understand and are structured to manage:
  • Development of clear concepts
  • Challenging & complex design assignments
  • Aggressive design schedules
  • Design changes on-the-go
  • Accurate & on-time deliveries

Our Approach

Every project is unique, presenting specific needs and challenges for the design team. Our Project leads and engineering team members are assigned to each project according to specific needs of clients.

Our engineers and designers approach each project as a team, pooling thoughts and ideas to converge on a best possible solution for each special issue or problem. Thus, we create an operating structure that enables us to generate designs that meet and exceed our client’s needs.