Our team members are registered professional engineers in multiple states such as VA, MD, PA, DE, DC, NC, WV with experience in locations all over the continental US.

  • Our firm has a team of seven electrical engineers with minimum of 20 years’ experience as an electrical engineering services.
  • Our team members have delivered complex electrical engineering system design for as low as 24v upto 230kV system.
  • Our team members have published several documents with industry recognized organization.
  • Our team members have depth knowledge and experience in delivering all services listed on our service page of this publication.
Saurin Parikh, P.E.
Saurin Parikh, P.E.
  • 35+ years of total experience including, 20+ years in Capital Electrical Equipment and Product Solution Developmentin Medium Voltage Switchgear industry handling:
    • Products and technology discussions
    • Shop drawing approvals, erection, testing commissioning, troubleshooting and after-sales service
    • Reverse engineering for development of medium voltage circuit breaker retrofit solutions and modernizing protective relaying by retrofitting electro-mechanical relays with micro-processor based relays
  • 13+ years of services in Electrical Engineering, Design, System Studies, Project Execution and Management.
    • Preparing biddable design documents for electrical Power Distribution Systems in Water Treatment Facilities, Wastewater Treatment facilities, Water/Wastewater Pumping Stations, and Government Facilities, Airports, Hospitals, Industrial Plants etc. with two of thedesign projects conferred with Craftsmanship Award for electrical design, by the Washington Building Congress.
    • Construction period services including shop drawing reviews, RFI responses, Factory witness testing, Field witness testing, start-up and commissioning, debugging.
    • Post commissioning support during troubleshooting, failure and forensic investigations
Haresh Umaretiya, P.E.
Haresh Umaretiya, P.E.
  • 17+ years of professional services experience in Electrical Engineering of Project Design, System Studies, Project Execution and Management, including:
    • Preparing biddable design documents for Electrical Power Distribution System in Water Treatment Facilities, Wastewater Treatment facilities, Water/Wastewater Pumping Stations, Government Facilities, Naval Facilities, Hospitals, Industrial Plants, Correctional facilities, etc.
    • Construction period services including testing and verification of complexManual/Automatic Controls, oversight of high-profile-multiphase engineering projects under challenging conditions of tight budgets and other financial and logistical constraints.
    • Extensive project handling experience in various sectors ranging from aviation facilities, public utilities, municipalities, correctional facilities,government buildings, commercial establishments, etc.
  • Adept at multi-tasking,prioritizingand simultaneously handlingmultiple projects
  • Excels in collaborating with clients, contractors and all other agencies involved in project execution.